The Odd One Out

Being the black sheep in my family by initiating a ‘love marriage’ that was traditionally not acceptable, I am labeled as rebellious by many. It was a realization of this other side of me, which remained dormant until my early twenties. The power of love and faithful imagination got me through 3 tough years of convincing until I heard an unbelievable ‘yes’ to pick the companion of my choice. That being a start to subsequent acts which led to creating my reputation of picking socially unacceptable options.

After giving up a million possible moments of happiness either out of fear or respect, I lost the sense of caring about what ‘people’ think. I began to give myself the permission to make decisions that felt right, thereafter making me happy. It was a successful move from being timid to becoming an outgoing personality yet, offending many who couldn’t accept the transformation. My integrity was doubted and the change was looked down upon. To keep my sanity intact I chose to disconnect emotionally from the feedback I received on my personal makeover, thus, commencing a joyful journey.

Another experience worth sharing is the quitting of my job when my son had just about started nursery. Employed in a semi-government organization for over 8 years with a decent monthly income along with perks that covered my family, no one thought it was favorable to resign. It also meant having to adjust a lifestyle that I was used to for a long time. The reason being, a hectic schedule and workload that didn’t allow time for my child or myself. Falling back on my husband’s support and faith in me, I took the leap. Almost a year after being ‘jobless’ I never had a minute of regret as all that time was utilized in building the foundations of my dreams.

So, believe in yourself and don’t be embarrassed to be the Odd One Out!


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