What I Hold

We somehow have a higher tendency to hold on to pain, anger or any emotion that is negative compared to our inclination towards joy. It wouldn’t be fair to generalize it as ‘human’ nature for we were not created to worry and destroy our inner peace. The damage is self-inflicted though ironically we never take the fault. We let people and events trespass our mind and meddle with our sanity. I’ve been there countless times and let the experience repeat as if pressing the rewind button out of habit.


This is not going to be a lecture session as someone like myself who hasn’t had control or mastered ‘letting go’ cannot guide others. The least I could do is think loud and make it evident that I’m aware. But does that suffice? Not really, yet I’m ahead of all those who adamantly reject or ignore the crux of the problem. If you fail to detect or acknowledge that you are the cause of your troubled mind, there cant be a beginning to find a cure. The search for closure will hover around everyone but you. This is where the blame-game gets a kick-start with no end. It’s the easiest but temporary way out of a circumstance because I believe only weak people pass the buck without understanding it is short term. Life has tricky ways of putting us to shame with recurring events that are meant to teach us these lessons.


Unaware of when I’ll proudly announce that I’ve crossed the finishing line to achieve the award for ‘letting go’, somehow I find a pinch of peace in knowing that my life is a result of everything that I hold on to.



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