Comfort In a Lie

I wonder if it’s a coincidence that I often come across people who use lies for various reasons, or are more of us heading to adopt dishonesty for little daily matters? Am I getting smarter in identifying them or have they increased in number? Is it the latest norm that I haven’t agreed to follow? What is attractive about false talks and identities that shadows the idea of karma?


On studying examples of persons and context where misrepresentation takes place, I gathered a common link. No, they were not bad characters. I must admit to have grouped them all under that trademark. Hated, looked down, rejected and pushed them away because of my high intolerance. But an inner nudging urged me to probe deeper for I have been there occasionally. I’m not a flawless angel to pass judgments said my mind. What made me do it in those rare moments? It was the secure feeling of not hurting someone, avoiding disapproval for what I want, protecting my image, hiding differences, etc. No one could ever be 100% honest in their life for there are justifications to compromise our integrity. It also serves as a safety net in our most feared instances.


Yet I feel strongly about lowering the frequency at which, lies flow through our words and actions. Practicing consistently indicates intention to completely deceive those around us and misdirect their reaction. I choose to highlight ‘intention’ for it is the source of what outcome we wish to have. Manipulation is not defensible when imposed to blur the reality or truth on regular basis. On the other hand, the long-term effect of a lie, a person’s capacity to deal with truth and consequent actions also must be taken into consideration.


I never realized there’s so much calculation that must go behind any interaction until I was repeatedly accused for being myself.


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