Brilliance Of An Unwanted Character

Its only lately I was diagnosed with an underlying ache of being unwanted, an absolute unexpected discovery. We have no choice each day but to have more experiences adding on to our yesterdays not realizing that many unattended disturbances go dormant or concealed under layers. What we are at this moment is an aggregate of what we leave behind after every transformation in various phases of our life. My intellect made me believe that forgetting or hopping on to a new perspective erases that chunk which carried memories of suffering. Then, a wake up call was required.

An absolute stranger, who is also a therapist, reached the core of my mind, plucked that thorn and sealed it with empowerment. The awakening, much like an unfelt jolt, cleared the jam by treating the dust from over two decades. I’d always think all these therapies are for those who’ve lost their senses but in some way every person has unsolved silent sounds from the past. The pain led me to derive peacefulness from yoga and basic meditation as well as reading on spirituality. There’s no shame in getting involved into these practices in your 30’s, infact I’d want to enroll my child for yoga as soon as he is eligible for him to be rooted to his inner self from an early age.

Funnily, as the population on this planet increases, we feel even more lonely and left out. While there are also people whose actions and words are driven by what pleases others so they get a sense of being included because there’s very low acceptance for individuality. But I stand by being myself and cornered for I’ve been able to create objectives and reach them. All this with the motivation of proving that the emotion of being unwanted can be useful to focus more on reinforcing your core values rather than changing into what the world wants you to be.


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