About Me

Beginning Beyond 30

Having spent most of my teenage years with an ambition to land up a job that adds up substantially to my bank account, I realized a decade later that passion precedes monetary gains. Though, I must not ignore that my remuneration and experience of over 11 years contributes to the foundation of my dream project. My belief is that nothing goes waste and it’s never too late redirecting your focus on what creates excitement in your daily life.

Establishing Artnique while raising my toddler has been a challenging task, yet it has given me the flexibility that every mother wishes for. When the mind makes a decision to fulfill its desires, it’s best to give in with full faith and see the magic happen.



November 2015 – Artnique was established as a brand name after several attempts to generate combinations with “art” as a prefix or suffix. An identity that was most relevant to the vision had begun to take shape.

February 2016 – Logo was finalized after reviewing 13 variations from a graphic designer. The Founder supplied an initial idea to have a rugged look of a home surrounded by a circular boundary.

March 2016 – First batch received from Rajasthan alongside the delivery of customer carry-bags from a supplier in Ajman.

May 2016 – First exhibit of Artnique’s creations at the Ripe Market, Dubai

June 2016 – Business trip to Kuwait as a initial step of market research in GCC

July 2016 – Handmade pieces with new art forms shipped from Kutch